Saturday, April 15, 2017


You guys know how much I love shopping online. So I was recently reached out by this online brand called Yoins and they've got so many good pieces. I chose three of their items for my wishlist...

FIRST: Kimono

Although I'd have liked it better if the printing was embroidered, this kimono is everythind and I already know how I'm going to style it.

SECOND: Embroidered Shirt

Oh my goodness, guys! Don't tell me you don't like the design of this shirt's collar! It's so unique and since it's white, it'd be really easy to style.

THIRD: Chunky Sandals

What I liked about these sandals is that they're square toed. I've never owned anything like these so I'd love to style them! They'd look great for day time and also for a night out.

By the way, they're having a sale right now so go check it out! Seriously, really really good deals. Click HERE!


  1. siempre enseñas cosas que son de mi gusto, me gusta para poder coger ideas para mis futuras compras, que guay. Además es super para el clima actual.

    1. ¡Muchas gracias! Me alegro que te haya servido.

  2. that face shirt is sooo cute!

  3. Hi girl, I loooove it! Cute blog ❤

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