Sunday, March 19, 2017

Some Artsy Photos

I love talking about the weather, it's a topic that you can bring out if there's nothing to talk about and you can never get wrong with it. So, since I've run out of ideas for this introduction, that's the topic I'm gonna use to start this blog post.

So, a really good friend of mine came to visit me last weekend! I was very excited. Since she's never been to Guadalajara, which is where I live, I became her tourist guide for three days. We went to see amazing mexican handcrafts and architecture designs. I'm not quite sure if everything was handmade but GIRL, it's all incredibly well made. 
If you like art works and design, this city is ABSOLUTELY recommendable! To be more specific, you must visit Tlaquepaque and Tonalá where this kind of handicraft work is well known. Also, my friend said that she really liked this little tour I gave her so, yeah... if you get the chance to visit México, don't forget to stop by this beautiful city apart from going to the beach!
This is my dearest friend, Angelica.