Saturday, August 20, 2016

Taiwan Summer Trip - Kaohsiung

The last stop... Kaohsiung, the city where I was born! It's the second biggest city of Taiwan and I love it there. 

Place: Lotus Pond
(Dragon and Tiger Pagoda)

This spot is actually a lake and it's famous for its lotus plants and outstanding temples. This is one of them which is called the Dragon and Tiger Pagoda. If you have a good physical condition and you don't have heat intolerance, then I suggest you to spend your entire afternoon/evening there and visit all the temples, there are around 13 in total including this one. Although I really enjoy walking, I have heat intolerance and that's why I just visited this one and then headed straight to a department store for the AC (I know, I'm so weak). 

Place: Pier-2 Art Center
The name says it all... It's an art center where every season has art exhibitions of all types. We actually went there to see my uncle's art work which is.........
THIS ONE RIGHT HERE. It's a statue made of steel wire bended by hand! 

Place: Sizihwan
A.K.A the best place to enjoy the view of the sea and the sunset in Kaohsiung. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Ps. It's cloudy part of the time tho...

Place: RANDOM! just photos taken on the street while shopping 

Place: Formosa Boulevard Station
This MRT station is just GORGEOUS! Look at the dome of light tho.

Place: Shell-made Temple
Don't know the actual name of this temple but it's AMAZING. Every single part of the construction is made of shells and rocks.

Place: Fo Guang Shan Temple
Just... look at all the pictures, please! Love this place, it's magnificent.

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  1. So pretty, I've never been but your photos make it look like such a great adventure.


  2. Love the pics as much as your travel's outfits that perfectly combined comfort and glamour!

  3. What a great place to be this summer! :D
    Stay in Style
    Karen @ Lookbook Store Blogspot

  4. really a great place and i never going to there haha

    Elsa Silalahi

  5. looks like a great trip, love these pictures!

  6. I love Taiwan so much! these photos are so great, makes me feel so nostalgic!

    1. Thank you so much, Yuka! I know, it's such a gorgeous country :)

  7. I heart all your outfit and great place, might visit Taiwan someday :)

    1. Thank you so much, Glenda! and yes, you should!