Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Warby Parker Frames

I recently got introduced to Warby Parker which is a website where you can get a new pair of vintage-inspired glasses starting at $95 usd . Their Spring 2016 collection is just incredibly chic and gorgeous. I've chosen five of my favorite pairs and styled them with the pieces of clothing that I'd wear according to different occasions. I know that it's almost Spring but I love coats and turtle neck sweaters so I based the outfits around them.

This outfit is a very girly one but I added a little bit of edge with those black skinny jeans. I'd wear this outfit for dinner or a nice coffee date with friends. This pair of sunglasses makes this outfit look a bit casual and wearable for an afternoon date.
This second outfit is more street style and laid-back. If you're someone who needs eyeglasses because your vision isn't good just like me, I'd choose this charming and stylish pair of clear frame glasses. I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea but I really like them. Good news is that Warby Parker has different shapes of clear frame glasses to choose and also provides Home Try-On. This program allows you to choose 5 frames that will be shipped to you within 5 days for free. Then, you'll choose the one that suits you the best and return the others. As simple as that!
I'd say that out of the five, this is my favorite pair of sunnies. It's so gorgeous and the design is stunning! And this is also the most elegant outfit compared to the others. It's black on black so you can never go wrong with this outfit! I'd wear this to a date or a meeting. You can make it look even more elegant by adding some pumps.
I'm loving pink sweaters right now (pastel colors in general) and this turtle neck sweater is literally a dream. On the other hand, I love the fact that this sunnies' lenses are slightly pink so it matches the sweater and also give more color to the outfit along with the lace up heel sandals.
I wanted to keep it more casual yet chic for the last outfit. Again, turtle neck sweater and ripped jeans... this is super practical since you can wear it to any occasion. I like how it looks with the strappy heels but you can dress it down by adding some sneakers or loafers. This last pair of sunglasses has also a clear frame so it's very modern and stylish.

Outfit 1: 
Outfit 2: 
Outfit 3: 
Outfit 4: 
Outfit 5: 

Which was your favorite?


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  2. Lovely post..
    xo, neha

  3. Lovely post..
    xo, neha

  4. I love the things you picked, that bag is great xoxo


  5. When I was living in the US, I loved Warby Parker. It was such an easy way to try on and buy new glasses, plus you can't beat the cost! My favourite would have to be the clear frames, despite their style, clear frames are always so bold and fun. Love how you've styled the lot :)


    Em xx

    1. Thank you so much, dear! I love clear frames, too.

  6. Outfit 4 is my favourite. I too have a love affair with pastel sweaters (right now)

    Payanie // tumblr // Newly established K-beauty blog