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Trends for Spring 2016

The Best Three Go-To Trends for Spring 2016
Spring happens to be one of the best seasons of the year, especially for the fashionistas! There are so many new things to check in this particular season, starting with pop of colours to patterns and prints that one can be spoilt for choice. In the last few years, the spring trends have been phenomenal because there were quite a few ranges of new things, and even some of the classics were revamped. In this post, it is all about spring 2016 with the best picks in trends, so that you can start making your bucket list.
More of stripes:

Stripes were a major hit for the spring 2016 runways, and there were quite a wide range of ideas for all kinds of occasions. From bright use of colours to more subtle stripes in both horizontal and vertical lines, there were some elements worth noticing. Some of the top fashion houses including Christian Dior, Alexander Wang and DKNY, had some great designs for everyone. If gingham was the thing for spring 2015, this is your go-to trend for the current year. The good thing is you can play with plenty of unusual colours, and that kind of offers many choices to experiment.
Changing the white shirt:

We all love white shirts for the sheer fact that it works like that one classic item for most casual and formal looks. No matter whether you add it to a classic pair of formal trousers or pair it with an A-line skirt, the final look is perfectly in sync for a great appearance. However, the classic has been revisited for spring 2016, and most designers have the white shirt some unique twists. From lace to cut-outs, there was something or the other for every kind of look, and the idea worked for most looks created on runways. Some of the designers to check include Amanda Wakeley, Vera Wang and Fendi.
Highlighting the waist:

In spring 2015, there was extensive use of obi belts for creating more sculpted looks. It seems that the hangover will continue for this year too. From adding ties over the jacket to creating more detailed looks with belts and tied-up looks, there was quite a bit of different ideas worth trying. Precisely, this is also one of the easier trends to try, and you can click here to find some great belts. On certain occasions, you can go for a matched belt look, and for the other occasions, even contrast and bold choices are equally great. Some of the top designers and fashion houses that you can check for this particular trend include Sportmax, David Koma and Topshop Unique.
With these three trends in place, you should be ready for a quick update for 2016. Start looking around the shopping malls and online stores now!
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Author: Suzy Walsh is the chief editor for The House Of Elegance Fashion. She is also an avid fashion lover with huge followers and likes to write on practical aspects of styling and dressing. 

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  1. great trends. I really enjoy the stripes trend, I think they will add a good flavour to the spring and summer!

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  6. The 2nd one is so stylish and the 3rd one is so pretty chic!
    Xo, Christianne

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