Monday, January 4, 2016

The Common Bra-blems

As a woman, I know we all struggle to find the perfect bra fit. There are so many different brands and types that, sometimes, we just tend to buy them because of the brand or because they're cute and nice. However, by doing that, you may have found out that not all of them fit you perfectly. That's why I'm here to solve your bra-blems (or at least I'll try my best).

1.- The Band Riding Up

 Maybe it's just that your straps are too tight, but sometimes it's more than that. It might be that your bra is too big for you and that's why you keep tightening it up. Try a size down from your actual bra size. Remember, if you're getting a smaller band size, then you need to go one size bigger in the cup. When you can slip two fingers underneath the back of the band, that's how you'll know your band size.

2.- Straps Digging In

This problem is more common on women that are a little bit bustier. They can be painful since they can leave marks and also cause back problems. Since your breast can get quite heavy, you need a lot of support not only from the band or the cup but also from the straps. So try to find bras that have wider straps to get you the support that your "two friends" need.

3.- Quad-boob/Four boobs

The problem here is that you're wearing the wrong cup size! It's time to trade in for a bigger cup. For example, if you're a 34 D, trade up for a 34 E. A full coverage cup is the answer. Go up one size in the cup, your "babies" will thank you. 

4.- Side buldge

This means that your bra cup is way too small for you. What you can do is to size up in the cup and size down in the band. Another possibility is that the band is not tight enough, causing the wire sit on your breast. What you can do is to size down in the band and up in the cup. If non of these work, then you must try the "No Side Effects Bra".

*If you're above an A cup, always wear underwire bras. Forget about bralettes and bandeaus, they look nice and they're very trendy but if those types of "bras" don't suit your breast, then avoid them!*

I was recently introduced to ThirdLove and thought it would be fun to bring you all some tips and suggestions to fix your bra-blems. ThirdLove is a lingeriecompany that specializes in perfect fitting bras!


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