Tuesday, November 17, 2015

A reflexive rainy day

I've always thought that nature is magestic, and that includes the rain itself. 

Whenever I'm at home and it suddenly starts to rain, I can imagine the traffic jam outside, drivers getting mad and impatient to arrive at their destination, mothers trying to calm their children down when they get bored and desperate to get out of the car, pedestrians walking without raincoats or umbrellas... it's like a chaos out there. On the other hand, I'm enjoying a nice cup of tea or coffee while reading or watching dramas or TV series. I get thoughtful and start to think and imagine what it could be and what it can be. Thinking about what I've done in my past and what I can do in my future. 

However, I somehow start to think of the people that are outside on the streets, stressed, maybe afraid. Additionally, the homeless people and the stray animals that have no roof to hide from the rain, I'm sure that they suffer... but here I am, hoping that they somehow find their way to be safe.
Then I think, if I were the pedestrian walking down the street with no umbrella or raincoat, if I were the mad driver trapped in the traffic jam, if I were a stray animal without where to go... How would I feel? What would I do?

Sometimes it's hard to see the reality, but what I know for sure is that we must face it and give the best of us to carry on.

You might think that some of my words make no sense at all. Have you wondered if your thoughts or actions make sense? I have, and everything above is what I think about it. 



  1. Yes! I like both these outfits; especially how you rock them in those boots.