Thursday, October 15, 2015


"Esperanza" was here in Veracruz, Mexico last weekend. Greenpeace was and is one of my dream jobs. I've never been that close to this organization. I couldn't get inside of the ship because there were so many people waiting that I didn't even bothered to get in line. Although I would've loved to know more about this ecological ship. All I know is that it uses water purifiers, its refrigeration and air conditioning are ammonia based instead of freon gas which causes climate change and the decrease of the ozone layer and it also has a propulsion system that is environmentally and economically efficient to reduce CO2 emissions.

Even though I said that I would love to work for Greenpeace, I've learned that it doesn't matter where and who do you work for/with. If you are conscious about your actions, words and thoughts, you'll have the power to make this world a better place. And I've also learned that nobody's perfect and we always make mistakes (some bigger than others) but if we want to make a difference in this world either for our family or for all the living beings in this planet, then I think we must stop making the same mistakes and be more aware of our actions and try to take care of others no matter if they're humans, animals or plants. What this world needs is more respect. Respect for other people, respect for the animals, respect for the environment and also respect for things, because those things that we buy at the supermarket or at any place, they've been made by people who try to earn a living day by day and that's why we should appreciate their effort by appreciating the things they make.

As I said, nobody's perfect, not even I am. Sometimes we're not aware of our actions and that's why we make those big mistakes, but the intention is what counts. Try harder and think twice before doing something that could be harmful for others.

Spread the love and spread consciousness.

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