Saturday, September 19, 2015

Veggie sushi day

That day was our "sushi buffet" day. I love this place called "Groshi Express". Their sushi isn't expensive compared to other restaurants and their staff is also super friendly and polite. 
As you all know, I'm a vegetarian and so is my family. Sometimes it's very limited the restaurants/food that we can try in this country, since many of their traditional dishes are prepared with meat (we don't eat any type of meat). That's why our most visited restaurants are Japanese, Chinese and Italian cuisine, because they have more choices. Though you might think that vegetarian people just eat salads and juices, we actually eat the same thing, only without meat! So, if you think that we're like rabbits that eat carrots and lettuce all day, let me tell you that that's NOT TRUE! As you can see in the pictures, my sushi was a Natto Maki (I don't think I'm spelling it right), which originally has crab in it, but of course, I ordered it without the crab. So I enjoy the same sushi roll as others! People usually say that things don't taste the same without meat. However, if you try soy meat (in all its presentations) you'll find that they taste THE SAME (said by many friends that have became vegetarians), and you'll never tell the difference. What I'm trying to say is, if you're interested, give it a shot and don't eat meat for a day and replace meat by soy meat. You'll contribute a lot to this planet.

After eating, since we're really full, we decided to go for a walk. I went for a casual outfit. A black crop top, a pair of boyfriend shorts and my studded black mules. 

Crop top - Stradivarius
Boyfriend shorts - Bershka (bought them like 2 years ago)
Shoes - Capa de ozono 
Sunglasses - Shasa 
(I've never bought anything else in Shasa, but I really recommend their sunglasses. They're cheap but great quality) 

Thank you so much for reading. Have a nice day/night!

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