Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Part of me

So, this is the front yard. And the reason why I post this stupid picture of me is because I want to talk about HOME. You'll see, every time I want to take a picture of myself/outfit/selfie, I go to the front yard of my house (parents' house). And that makes me realize how important home is. What am I trying to say? I know there are so many places you would like to go, or so many amazing places that you have been. Nevertheless, the only place you can find yourself is at home and by home I mean where your parents are. It might sound really cheesy but, if you think about it of a second... Where do you go when you don't have money to pay your rent? Where do you go when you feel like nobody loves you and everything turns blue? Where do you go when you need support? To your parents. So, it doesn't matter how old you are and where you are, whenever you feel sad, just GO BACK HOME. And I guarantee that you will be very welcome. 

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